Marketing Flyer on Incentive Program

An Incentive Program for Your Employees that Keeps on Motivating

Most employee incentive programs pay CASH. And while motivating for the moment, cash loses its incentive value as soon as it is spent on bills, small purchases and necessities. Item re-wards—fishing gear, TVs, cameras, golf clubs– however, are a consistent reminder of the be-havior that garnered that reward and the compa-ny that provided the means to earn the reward.

And the best part of this type of incentive, there is no net cost to the company. Rewards are only paid if productivity or profitability improves and only when the employee orders the reward.

Classroom Style
We thrive in crowds (large or small). That's because we like to see people succeed. We guarantee you will walk away from each seminar equipped to take your business to new heights and success.

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Let us analyze and evaluate your specific business needs, then we will target individual solutions to address those issues.

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CEU certified in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Ohio. We have trained more than 7,500 contractors and distributor personnel from coast to coast.

Vital Learning Experiences is a series of dynamic HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration training seminars designed to take your contractor, dealer or distributor organization to the next level of professionalism. Learn the secrets of how the pros work smarter and thrive in their businesses... techniques to increase profitability, assure customer satisfaction, empower employee confidence and promote steadfast growth. These seminars bring practical, real-world solutions to complex business issues... taught in a way you can understand easily and apply with confidence.