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Customer Service Seminars

Perception is everything. Before you can begin to earn a customer's trust and loyalty, you need to have your sales, marketing and front-office personnel working in sync to project a professional image to the customer. This seminar focuses on how to synchronize inside sales and counter personnel efforts for better sales performance and cross-selling success.

  • Class Overview:
    This seminar focuses on practical, real world ways inside sales and counter personnel can maximize sales and build loyalty with customers. It outlines how to think like a retailer in order to make the customer feel appreciated and go out of his way to do business with your company. It provides checklist and practice sessions for both telephone and face-to-face interactions with the customer. It also emphasizes the retail strategy of increasing the dollar amount per ticket and suggests practical ways to make this happen.
  • Target Audience:
    Distributor inside sales & counter personnel
  • Length:
    4 hours
  • Seminar Brochure:
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    and class size information.

"Excellent! Great information. Good follow up. I recommend my distributor keep doing these wonderful seminars. I have attended about 5-6 seminars they have put on. If I attended 7-8 more times, I think I could better educate the employees I work with. Vicki and John are both very professional and love what they do and it shows."

Dave Feller
(Crown Plaza)