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Customer Service Seminars

Winning the customer's trust doesn't just happen ... it has to be nurtured. These seminars demonstrate how to confidently build strong customer relationships and repeat business through service excellence and customer satisfaction techniques.

The Ultimate Service Technician
  • Class Overview:
    This 4-hour seminar for technicians and installers aids employees in seeing their value and impact on profitability of the company. The cost of losing a customer and call backs is illustrated. Participants see how they can increase profits by selling maintenance agreements and accessories. Participants also role-play how to present features and benefits of the company and its products.
  • Target Audience:
    Service technicians, installers, service managers, installation managers, dealer principals
  • Length:
    4 hours
  • Contact vicki@vleishavc.com for seminar fee
    and class size information.

"The customer service class was very informative. It is all information that we know, but it is very easy to drift away from these practices. I found the discussion on maintenance agreements the most valuable. Vicki peels backs the blinders and lets you see the little things you do wrong or right everyday."

Jeff Price
Mountain Air Comfort Systems
(Castle Rock, CO)

"The customer service class was excellent, thorough, and very motivational. The sections on phone procedures, service call procedures, positive attitude, focusing on the customer will be most valuable. The instructors used examples to relate to everyday life. The class demonstrated how to get inside the customer's head and walk the value line."

Mary Engel
Sundance Emergency Services
(Bothwell, WA)